dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Ghosted Avatar - Notice

'}}} Ghosted Avatar OnLine Indicator'
Instructions and User's Guide.

This is a supplement to the article:

  • Do not run this script for an other use than this one, it is too laggy for everyday use.
  • IW the prim self-destructs after 30 seconds if the ghost is not found.
  • The assistant who wears the HUD, or watches the prim, does not need to be on the same sim as the phantom.

By discretion and also to avoid any rezzing problem, I gave my preference to the HUD rather than the rezzed prim.
However, the object that you create will exactly work the same IW if it should be visible by other people than you.
Even for a beginner, this achievement will not take more than a few minutes. If you are totally novice, a little more, but do not panic, everything is detailed :)

Please, to create your '}}} Ghosted Avatar OnLine Indicator', follow this step-by-step tutorial.
  • If it'is no done yet, get the script at cet endroit, or ask for it in the PVS group.
  • Create a prim. Don't worry about its size, texture or name.
    • R-click on the ground → Create → L-clic
  • Copy the UUId key from the ghosted avatar profile, or ask someone who's running Phoenix.
  • On to the object's General tab:
    • Paste this key in the 'Description' field.
    • Tick 'Copy' and 'Transfert' rights.
  • Drag'n'drop the script '}}} Ghosted Avatar OnLine Indicator' on to the object's content tab.
    • The prim will rename itself '}}} Ghosted Avatar OnLine Indicator'.
    • It will resize to a 0.05 m box.
    • It will automatically texture itself like a signaling lens.
    • It will be immediately operational.
  • You have 30 seconds to take the prim in your inventory, it will go on to the 'Object' folder
  • Open that folder and R-click on the '}}} Ghosted Avatar OnLine Indicator'.
    • Choose 'Attach to HUD'
    • 'Center' or 'Center 2'
    • Edit the HUD and move it to the top of your screen, for example.
  • You also can choose to attach it to your avatar rather than HUD.
  • You may want to rez it :) In this case, if the ghosted avatar is not connected, the object will self-destruct after 30 seconds.

When the ghost is online.
The HUD/prim become green and says:
  • 'The ghosted avatar is online'
  • It will say 'The ghosted avatar FirstName Name is online' only if you're on the same sim as the avatar corresponding to the key UUID, not his ghost.
Wait until the indicator decomes red, as described below.

when the gost is offline.
The HUD/prim become red and says:
  • !!! THE GHOST IS GONE!!! It's time to try to logon.
Tell to the person that you're helping to logon immediately ;,)

If unsuccessful, wait few minutes.
  • The HUD will again turn green at the next ghosted avatar logon.
  • (The prim will be gone, you will need to rez a new one.)
  • You will have to wait until the next red light, indicating ghost's logout.
  • Therefore warn the ghost's 'owner' to try to logon again.

If you are prepared, according to the article cited the top, you should be able to eliminate the ghost at your first try. In case of problems, contact PVS in SL ;,)

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